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Regardless of the possibility that the host and entertainer are thoughtful, it is difficult to be totally quiet. Possibly its enlivening at a young hour in the morning and needing espresso an hour prior others is up. Possibly its pondering whether it is truly O. On the off horoscope chance that you can catch those emotions then its anything but difficult to get a grip of what it intends to have captured planets and Zodiac Signs in your introduction to the world outline.

Unless each natal horoscope chart you ascertained is precisely at 0 degrees of scope, which is right on the equator, or unless you utilize just the equivalent horoscope house arrangement of house division, you will at times experience captures. Captures are an element of horoscope. This uncovers a colossal concentrate on only maybe a couple of the twelve places of the Zodiac. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The absence of tangibility, stability and security was normalized. Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, but because it is intercepted, this individual may have felt unloved even more so during childhood.

When they did try to seek affection, they barely received it or there was a consequence, causing their self-worth to dwindle. Aries is commonly on the cusp of the intercepted house, so this individual would be a great leader and initiator, but there is still a need to finish the tasks they start, as they start several of them, but there is a struggle with completion.

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Inner intensity and power is shadowed especially if you have Libra on the cusp of the intercepted house Scorpio is in, so there is a tendency to please others and become passive. Confronting issues is difficult and avoided by the individual. They must learn to assert control. Difficulty in efficient communication in general. Useless information is learned; they have all this information, but there is little to no objective or purpose to it.

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Taurus is commonly on the cusp of the intercepted house, so there will be restriction in mental simulation and curiosity. There will also be a tendency to be close-minded and have an attachment to material items. Scorpio is commonly on the cusp of the intercepted house, so the individual may be secretive and too intense.

Natal Chart Interceptions

When emotions are expressed it is often in the form of an outburst. There is a need for emotional growth.

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  • Lots of planning of goals but no initiation and difficulty in maintaining a schedule. Likely to be nurturing and provide emotional support to others, but in return others will not give them the attention they want. There is difficulty in being noticed for their efforts and they are reserved and uncomfortable. There is a need for creative self-expression and frustration of finding outlets for that self-expression and being noticed for their inner creativity.

    This person needs and wants a sense of self-importance, but has a hard time in doing so. Capricorn is commonly on the intercepted house cusp, so this person would be concerned with their public image and reputation at the expense of their freedom and individuality. There is a fear of dependency on others. These people want to feel normal at all costs, but once they begin to feel the need to express themselves differently, it may come out in an inappropriate way, in the form of rebelling in vain perhaps.

    Understanding Intercepted Houses

    While this may seem like a dream come true for some children, a child is always in need of guidance and structure, something this person did not have. There will be an accumulation of bad habits that will be hard to shake in adult hood. Because Leo is commonly on the intercepted house cusp, there are fixed ideas they have of themselves that may not be true. As a child they may have had a wild imagination, so imaginative, that they also may have been shot down when those dreams were shared and so, in adulthood they may be directionless without those dreams to hope for.

    This person may seem like they have no guidance from themselves, so they often seek it from a higher power like religion or some form of spirituality. They must learn to not confuse reality with fantasy. Please read part 1 here. Intercepted Houses come in twos, you always have to relate them to each other. Intercepted 1st-7th House: The dynamic revolves around self vs. Depending on influences one could value the self more than others or be too much of a people pleaser.

    They could see self-worth and ego tied to relationships.

    Intercepted Signs and Planets Astrology Horoscope by Alyssa Sharpe – Horoscope Predictions

    Intercepted 2nd-8th House: Material world vs. Power, assets, and security come to play here. One could view others as a possessions or power symbol. Can be obsessed with materialism or completely lack investment skills on a physical or emotional level. Intercepted 3rd-9th House: Here communication, intellect, expression, and morals, opinions, beliefs, sharing mingle. Dynamics could include someone pressuring others in their beliefs, someone who never stands up for what they believe in, or one who struggles to develop beliefs.

    Teaching and learning have big roles here. Maybe someone is quick to understand an aspect of life or never grasps it. Intercepted 4thth House: Family vs. One is likely more important than the other to someone or one could struggle to balance and focus on these two areas of life. There can be a disconnect towards family or towards career. Themes of family privacy, individual privacy, reputation, community involvement, community vs. Intercepted 5thth House: Individual passion, hobbies, and concerns vs.

    Might want to be a trendsetter and stand alone but also desires group approval. Could fear standing out but secretly wants to. Intercepted 6thth House: Work, physical illness or stress, mental stress, routine, practicality vs. Look for the person devoted to their career, the person who neglects emotional stress. Themes revolving around caring for others appear here too. This last part covers intercepted planets. These are planets that sit on the intercepted sign.

    Intercepted Sun: The ego slowly develops and settles into its sign but ultimately grows firmly in designated traits. Intercepted Venus: There is a struggle or detachment here. I did a reading once with Virgo Venus intercepted in the 4th House, here high standards revolved around building a life together, home, and family. With intercepted Venus there is a high energy towards relationships, loving others, and self love.

    This can be a blockage, a want or need, or neglect. The lesson can take many forms but at its core revolves around relationships and caring. This can be very dangerous or just frustrating depending on the elements at play. This could also tie into misdirected anger, lack of motivation, or maybe issues in the sex drive. Intercepted Mercury: A blessing or curse. If Mercury gets stuck in say Taurus highly inflexible in the 9th House you could see language barriers or a stubbornness to communicate and mentally accept a new culture, even on a micro level.

    Mercury trapped in the 6th House could mean a speech impediment. But Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd House could be someone who is highly observational and quiet in younger years but grows to be highly persuasive and communicative. Intercepted Jupiter: Many themes with luck, the underdog, ambition, growth, and direction!


    We would really need to dissect the signs and houses. Sagittarius Jupiter intercepted in the 9th House, a spiritual teacher or give them a lottery ticket. Aries Jupiter in the 10th House is going to have to fight against bad luck towards success and ugly reputations, but has the drive and opportunistic attitude of Fire to obtain a real dark horse story. Intercepted Saturn: Look to themes of power, authority, grounded, ambition, rules, and maturity.

    Intercepted Uranus: Ideas, fellowship, and especially group dynamics are big themes here. Individualism and rebellion can still be themes here. This interception could create a loner who struggles to find their flock, someone who truly gets the collective mindset, or someone who keeps attracting the wrong kind of company. Intercepted Neptune and Pluto: This can indicate someone who is highly in tune or highly disconnected from their generation. On a more individualistic level intercepted Neptune and Pluto may be the only one with real karmic ties.


    Intercepted Neptune: Painful wounds, fears, disillusions, and past events that need attention and healing. Honesty, reality, dreams, illusions, intuition, and logic create lessons. Intercepted Pluto: Here any karmic lessons or ties involve death and rebirth, transformations.

    This could be an interesting one to analyze. Intercepted Pluto in say the 2nd House might have demons to unlock surrounding security, materialism, or even greed. It points to the area that is currently locked out from your personality. It also shows the part of your personality that you need to work on the most- the hardest-the deepest, in order to gain maximum rewards and self understanding.

    If you feel like a part of you is missing, or you are confused about your direction in life, the culprit is most likely the intercepted signs. The easiest way to check is to look at your cusp rulers in your chart. Do any signs rule two cusps rather than just one? If yes, then you have two intercepted signs.