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October 31, - Halloween Astro Forecast! Listen for Details - Special Announcement. I have a bunch of free download codes from Audible that I just learned are expiring November If you would like a free audiobook, please email me at - thomas at subconsciousmindmastery dot com and I will be happy to send you one. You have to use them on Fred Dodson audiobooks and you must be able to redeem the code via a computer they won't redeem over the phone or tablet by November If you cannot do that, please let someone who can have the code!

This is available until they're all gone. October 30, - Happy Birthday, Thomas! It's my birthday Here's the link to claim yours! October 29, - Stack of Scorpio Energy Today! October 28, - Birthday Week Begins with a Kite! What a great way to kick off this week, especially since it includes the Nodes, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and the Moon! What a great combo. Let's "bring it all home! October 27, - New Moon in Scorpio tonight! It's TGI Friday!! Glad to have this one wrapping up. Also, let's update our morning and afternoon windows if you'd like to use astrology to time some of your daily activities!

October 24, - Let's focus on this Virgo Moon! The Moon is in Virgo today, on its way to the new moon in Scorpio Sunday October 23, - Sun moves into Scorpio! Let's celebrate the depths of the soul as sun moves into Scorpio at pm today, EDT. While there are so many dimensions to Scorpio that we will cover tomorrow, but for this first "opening season" gameday, let's focus on this sign that leads us to the very depths of our psyche!

October 22, - 10K' Flyover. This is the biggest astrological and astronomical event in years, yet it is being vastly overlooked - particularly in spiritual communities where extra personal and emotional support is so critical. This is a fresh look at this super-powerful energy that is over our heads right now and will be for months and years ahead. Historically, we have significant evidence that major changes can occur when this alignment is present.

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This is definitely worth consideration. October 18, - Another way to look at Square aspects. A TGIFriday look at the aspects around the astrology chart for today, plus a new way to look at square aspects that will probably bring a little smile to your face! October 17, - Best times to do stuff Kite Formation.

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Let's go Fly a Kite! There's a beautiful kite formation in the chart today that is all about the Saturn - Pluto conjunction. It involves the Nodes, Neptune, Mercury, and Venus. The moon was full yesterday evening in Aries, but if you missed it, you still have time because it doesn't move into Taurus until pm Eastern time today What is "Hunter" Moon?

The Great Sextile Star of David Merkaba of late July - Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology

And are there any aspects to other planets we should be aware of? Let's celebrate this second fall moon in big style! October 11, - Is Astrology the Holy Grail? As things in the chart slow down a little, it gives us pause to catch our breath and reflect on astrology's incredible value in our lives versus our own ability to choose. Free will vs. Living from the inside. This is an exploration worth considering! The Moon and Neptune are in Pisces today with a favorable aspect to Mercury in Scorpio, so communication is both passionate, deep, and smiling today!

Also, a new element to the podcast - when is the best time to do things during the day, based on energy from above? We'll stick our collective toes in that water today, too! October 8, - Venus Moves Into Scorpio. Venus moves out of her home in Libra into Scorpio So let's look at when planets move "away from home! We're starting to transition from Libra to Scorpio and Venus moves in Wednesday, but for today Mercury already there is opposite Uranus. The Moon Wobble peaks at eastern this afternoon, so let's talk again about what this "wobble" is, but more importantly, how we can put all aspects of the astrological chart - which simply mirrors our lives - into proper context.

The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

Hint: That wheel does not govern our lives Astrology - Is it Creating or Destiny? Moon Wobble and Saturn Pluto Conjunction. Is astrology a fixed destiny, or is there free will? Can we be creators of our life, or are we on a path that is predetermined and we cannot affect it? Especially in light of these super-powerful energies of the Moon Wobble and Saturn Pluto conjunction, how do we position ourselves as powerful creators Let's talk The heavens are mostly quiet today, but what is there is more challenging squares, especially the Moon square Mars, the Sun is square Saturn, Mercury is sesquisquare Neptune, and Jupiter is square Neptune.

Quick but to the point episode today but we'll be keeping an eye on things over the weekend as the Moon Wobble peaks. All today! One of the most active and important days in October as Pluto turns direct, Mars moves into Libra and Mercury goes into Scorpio. Any one of the three would be significant.

All three together And impactful energetically. Let's talk about it!

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What amazing alignments we have going on right now between the Moon Wobble which peaks on Sunday, Saturn direct since September 18, Jupiter square Neptune, Uranus retrograde in Taurus, and the Sun square Saturn. Enough to make one's head spin!

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  5. We have a major formation in place that will pretty much carry through this week - the Libra planets - Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars will square the Big 3 - Saturn, Pluto, and the South node. Plus, the Moon is in Scorpio today and opposite Uranus, so there's quite a bit of introspective emotion and energy that could come up today.

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    Aspects in Astrology - Meaning Explained - Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, & Sextile

    We have so much transformational energy swirling in the universe right now Let's revisit the Moon Wobble discussed last week, plus talk about Saturn conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 14 degrees Capricorn - and opposite the North Node at 14 degrees Cancer. These are indeed ominous times! Astrology September 26, - Let's talk Libra! As finally promised, let's explore some of the wonderful characteristics of Libra today September 25, - Subtle Energies - Can you feel them?

    There are several subtle energies in the chart today including a trine with Jupiter and the moon, a trine with Pluto and Mars, and we will talk about the big T-Square that seems to not be helping even with our national politics. Lots of energy still in the sky! September 24, - Jupiter Square Neptune. One of the other major aspects we haven't spent time on is Jupiter square Neptune. This only rolls around every 7 years or so, and it can pack a wallop in some key areas of our life including our spiritual life, our discernment, our intuition and our propensity to addictions of various sorts.

    This is definitely worth discussing! And so much more!


    There is a lot in the sky today besides the Sun moving into Libra and the Fall equinox. There's a T-Square with the Moon in Cancer, so let's roll. Big day in the sky! September , - Reflections on Astrology.